Draft Excluding Strips
Draft Excluding Strips
Draft Excluding Strips
Draft Excluding Strips
Draft Excluding Strips
Draft Excluding Strips
Draft Excluding Strips
Draft Excluding Strips

Draft Excluding Strips

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Making Drafty Doors & Windows A Thing Of The Past

Aren’t you tired of endlessly trying to heat/cool your drafty room? You know, the one that’s always letting in the weather? Say goodbye to drafty doors and windows with ExDraft, your no-nonsense solution to getting a perfect seal, every single time!

Draft Excluding Strips can be used for the bottom of doors & windows, keeping bugs out, dust, and those drafts. Giving you a clean, relaxing, quiet and comfortable space.

ExDraft keeps the elements out effectively lowering your heating/air conditioning bills. You should only have to pay for heating/cooling the indoors, NOT the outdoors as well.

  • Flexible & Safe Material: Made of waterproof flexible silicone, environmental-friendly materials with no irritating smell. With thin and soft material, our Seal Strip won't affect the use of doors and windows. Easily adjust to the length you need.
  • Strong Viscosity & Durable: Strong adhesive backing, non-degumming, sticks firmly with an anti-slip meaning it can be used in extreme weather and stays strong for a long time. 25mm,35mm,45mm, two widths are optional, 16.5 feet length for replacement.
  • Wide Application: Widely used for frameless sliding doors, glass doors, plastic-steel windows and aluminum windows, closet doors, thresholds, cupboards, wardrobes, shower bottoms, bedrooms & bathrooms.


    • Color: Translucence / Brown/White / Black.
    • Weight: 125g / 175g /225g.
    • length: 5m
    • Size:25 mm-Width / 35 mm-Width / 45 mm-Width x 5m(16ft)


    • 1pcs- ExDraft - Draft Excluding Strips

    So if you’re looking for the best way to seal up those drafty windows, or you're just looking for a perfect housewarming idea, grab DraftDaisy & ensure you’re keeping the elements on the outside!


    No More Drafty Windows Or Doors - can’t ever get comfortable because it's always either too cold or too hot? It's probably because old Mother Nature is barging through those cracks. No more!

    Functional Seal That Looks Great! - these sealant strips are a translucent clear color so it blends in harmoniously with all windows, and doors making it an absolute no brainer this summer!

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